User Profile was updated but in Search People I can't see this update

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Hello!!! Last days I received a task to update the About Me attribute for all SharePoint users. Therefore I've created a schedule flow that works in every morning and updates this attribute. But it's a problem, in users profile the attribute is updated, but in Search People this attribute is not updated for all users. Can you help me to solve this problem?

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Hello @Maricica_Ursu 


have you a PrintScreen from user profile and from the search?


Have you checked the properties from the user profile and the searchable properties in your Search People, will you show the correct proprety from the user profile in the search?


Best, Dave

Hi,@David Mehr 


1) This is information from User profiles:



2) This is information from Delve:


3) This is information from Search People for the same user:



Now, I show you another user for whitch is visible About Me in search People.



I mention that this attribute is not visible only for some employees.
I change the attribute properties to be readonly:




Tell me please if there are other properties that need to be changed.




Hello @Maricica_Ursu 


ah, do you mean the people profile card, right?


Is your problem only in search or in the whole m365 apps?


Best, Dave


Hi, @David Mehr 


Yes, I meant to people profile card.

The problem is only in search.