User photo showing up everywhere but SharePoint user profle



I'm aware there're many threads about SharePoint user profile pictures not showing in different ways.

We've been facing an issue which I couldn't find a solution nor fix it myself.


We're using Exchange Online and set user profile photos with a scheduled PowerShell script via Set-UserPhoto. This works as intended and the photo is showing everywhere, Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint Online, Delve etc.


The only place where it doesn't show is in the SharePoint user profile service's user profile.

You know, the /_layouts/15/tenantprofileadmin/ProfAdminEdit.aspx in the SharePoint admin center.


The mysite collection where these pictures are supposed to be hosted contain the LThumb, MThumb and SThumb thumbnail placeholders but not the actual photos.


As far as I understand the logic is that when using EXO a user has to browse his Delve profile page which will trigger a sync to the SharePoint user profile - not so for us.


I've experimented with the two settings that should have an effect on this sync mechanism:

- SPS-PictureExchangeSyncState

- SPS-PicturePlaceholderState
As far as I interpret those settings SPS-PictureExchangeSyncState means that unless this is enabled not photos can be pulled from EXO and an admin has to manually upload a photo in the user profile service.
SPS-PicturePlaceholderState I think indicates whether or not a picture has been set if it's 0 and set if it's 1 but I'm not sure if it's the other way around.
Anyway, apart from manually setting the picture here it's not pulling from EXO.
If anyone knows anything I'd appreciate your comments.
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