User not found in Directory

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I've had a few users get this error when attempting to access files in their OneDrive. In each case the user was part of an external team prior to us adopting M365. Getting them to recall exactly what happened when they signed up for these external teams is pretty pointless since most of them signed up more than a year ago, and we only recently adopted M365. My guess is the token from their external guest account is cached in the browser and that's why they're seeing the error message. Again, trying to explain this to end users can be pretty frustrating. I'm assuming the resolution is the same as described here but does anyone know if it's gotten any better since 2017? Since we're relying on our external partners to assist on their end, and this seems to be more of an issue with our high-level users, having to wait a week for an external org to delete and re-invite users multiple times is going to be painful for all involved.





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