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Hi Everyone,

We are switching from a Lan network to sharepoint. My team and I used to work on the same files and use softwares such as Tableau or Alteryx which would read/write to this lan network.


The issue here is that when I sync our sharepoint the file path generated contains the unique ID of my account.  (eg: c:\xy2102\company\document)


Therefore, if one of my teammates wants to use one of my workflows, he will get an error because the file path pointing to the file on the SharePoint does not exist. So, he has to manually change the file path with his unique id.


Example :

My file :                c:\xy2102\company\document\data.txt

Colleague's file:     c:\xy9111\company\document\data.txt


Is there a way to avoid this issue? 


Thank you in advance


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Hello @max_hfr1580 


have you tried to use it direct in browser, not in the synced location?


Here are a case with similiar issue, but about the file open behavior, not workflows. Perhaps you see more information for your case:


Best regards, Dave


how exactly do you sync your files from SharePoint? Are you using the OneDrive client?
Per default Onedrive syncs folders into your user folder (so the path is containing your username)

But you can change that folder using the information from this article:

Then set that to the same folder on all of your team member's computers.