User as 'Read Only' access to Excel documents. User as Full control permission???

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This has been bugging me for a while so thought I'll ask the community....

A user who I've given Full Control permissions to is still unable to open an Excel Document for editing.

They get this is 'Read Only'  It does this to all documents in a Folder.  I've checked all access for the file structure as the documents are held in a third layer of folders....

I've removed them and added them back in. There is a Unique Structure in place but again checked these and the user as Full Control.

Any ideas of what I've missed or how I can get the user to be able to edit the document

Edited 13/11 @ 15:09 GMT

Have noticed that the documents are being Shared


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sorry i've not a solution Chris, but just to add i'm getting same issues on users who have previously had edit access and now either reporting not editable or prompt for verification code - not sure if they are related but both mean no editing of excel files that have previously been edited by same persons


Thank you for potentially saving my mind as I had tried everything I could think of. I thought it was just me :hearteyes:

Hopefully someone does have a solution??