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I want to have an action for each user acknowledge each sharepoint document new major version- kind of like a "read" acknowledgement in outlook.

I also need to be able to see an overview of which users have acknowledged which documents, and which they have not.

I have around 50 documents (so far) and 50 users.


What is the best way to set this up? Users get an alert when new document is published, where they click on a link to acknowledge?

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@GuyCarnegie we do this for safety alerts in our rail division where it is mandatory for the staff to acknowledge that they have read the document. The administrator adds the alert details & attached the document to a GForm in Microsoft Forms. A flow in Power Automate saves that to a SharePoint list with the doicument as an attachment. When the alert is ready to be distributed the administrator clicks a JSON-formatted button next to the item. That triggers a flow in Power Automate that opens a panel to show the recipient groups and the admin can choose one or more. The flow then sends an approval email to each person in that group with the document attached.  All users must respond within 28 days or the flow times out. In the email there is a box for comments and a submit button to confirm the recipient has read the document. When they click the button to confirm they've read the document, the date, time, user and comments are saved to a separate list in SharePoint for audit reasons. The adaptive card in the email then "closes".









Come back with any questions about this.


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@RobElliott Not to bump an old post but I'm really interested to see the json file and the workflow being used. I'm looking for something pretty close to this.