User access - item level permissions?

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Dear all


I have a scenario here where I would like to restrict the user access as following:


1. Member A create item X

2. ONLY member B/ C and D can view item X (and member A of course) and no on else (since I might have up to 50 members in the SharePoint site which I don't want them to see the details of item X which is HR related). In this case Member B/ C and D are approvers of item X.


I know there is item-level permissions but it doesn't work for my scenario - you either have it all or nothing, e.g. everyone get to view all items or only those they created.


Appreciate your help!

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You can use Draft Item security in this case
- List Settings > Versioning
- enable the draft items option
- set who can see draft items to approvers and the author

If you scenario is more complex e.g. different approvers per item, then you can use Power automate to set the item permissions
Thanks Steve!

Draft Item Security not really helpful in my case because after draft item is approved everyone still can see the item.

And yes my scenario is much complicated, I have 8 different countries in my region with 8 sets of different approvers, and I don't want them to see each other's country details.

How would Power Automate help in this case?
For more complex scenarios like this you will need to use Power Automate.
- Trigger the Flow when a new List Item is created
- Get Item Metadata
- Set Item Permission based on the region (I'm assuming you can determine this from the metadata)
- Send for approval

Note that you can set the default permission on the List so that anyone can add an item.

I have a video that shows some of this with Document Libraries. The concept is very similar for Lists

I hope this helps :)