Use the Quick Links web part to put your content front and center


Don’t bury your lead - put important stuff right up front for your site visitors. The Quick Links web part allows you to add visibility to the most important content you create – with the ability to adjust and curate as you go.


We’re pleased to announce a small but important improvement we’ve made to the Quick Links web part.  You can now adjust the image that represents your link inside Quick Links cards.  This often-requested update will be available to use in this web part on all modern pages.


Let’s say you’ve been using Quick Links on your modern team site home page to showcase important team resources – it might look something like this:quick links.png


If you want to swap out the default images with something that's more visually engaging, or more appropriate in the context of your site, find the tile you want to change, and select Edit:

quick links edit.png



This brings up the edit pane, where you can change the link's title, or its image:



quick links edit pane.pngYou can upload an image, or use one that's already in your site.  You might wind up with something that looks like this:

quick links new images.png


We hope that this feature will help you create more beautiful, engaging SharePoint sites.  As always, we would love to hear your feedback.  How can we continue to improve this web part, and all our modern web parts, to best meet your needs now and in the future?  

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Great update. Thanks Lincoln!! :)

I created a mondern page, and added the Quick Links. I added some links, however, when I click on "edit" in order to add an image to one of the Quick Links card, the screen comes up with very old recent images and then locks up the entire IE 11 browser session. Can't click on anythig, have to close the entire page in order to get back to the SPO site.

Anyone else having this issue?

Thanks for letting us know. I'm seeing the same freeze in IE11. Working fine in every other browser I've tried. I'll file the bug.
Folks, I'm aware how to create a link, what I'm saying is that when I click on "edit", then click on "change image" it locks up the entire screen! I have to force close the browser session in order to get back to the site. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks!
oops, so sorry, missed your response Lincoln. Glad to hear it's not just me. The main browser where I'm working uses IE 11, so it could become a big issue as they are migrating on-premises to the SPO...;) Thank you for looking in to this and opening the bug!

This is great . 


One question though .


Last time I used this the quick links were common across all sub sites in the site collection. This meant you could only create one set of Quick Links per site collection. Has this been addressed or is it in anyones backlog ..or do I need to log on UserVoice ?


Would be great to have quick links scoped to the site you are adding the page in.

How could I have missed this!
God I wish this platform would allow for better visibility ...


I have added a Quick Links web part to one of my team subsites but when I went to add another Quick links in another section with different links in it it shows up with the other web parts links and impacts on the other page. Is there a way to have a number of pages with the quick links on? 

I guess it's "per site"-basis. I might store it's data in a list in the current web with no page identification of some kind.

One feature I've noticed with Quick Links is that only 3 can be displayed on the site at a time (extras need to be scrolled to using a right arrow). Is there a way to configure Quick Links where you could do multiple rows? I.e. one row of three followed by a second row of three to give a more user friendly "dashboard" look? 

I've noticed something other as well, please anyone correct me if I'm wrong.

I added the QuickLinks webpart to my Start/Homepage and acdded 3 items. 

Now everytime I add the QuickLinks webpart to a different page, e.g. News, I get the same 3 items from my Homepage. When I remove one item in the News, the same item is also removed from my Homepage.

Is this intentional?

Is your site configured such that this other page (i.e. "News") is a subsite of the home page? If so, this could be an issue as SharePoint implements the Quick Links for the site in total (including subsites). Therefore, you can't have separate Quick Link from the home page.

I don't get any option to scroll to the fourth link.  The only way to get to the fourth one is to right click on number three and choose Move Right, which puts the missing icon into the third position. So, I too would like to be able to add a second row or resize theicons to have more than three in one row.

When I'm adding the link to the quick links showing in all pages. How can I customize the Quick links for each page

Click the three dots ... (called the Ellipsis) on the bottom right of a Quick Link icon.  This opens up a dialogue box where you can enter the URL, add a Title and choose an image.

We i add one link in a page it is reflecting in other page as well, same as while deleting the links. Is this default behavior or can we have different links for different pages

This was actually by design, but we got feedback that folks would prefer a per instance model. So the latest update rolling out now allows per instance storage (no longer shared storage).

You can now have per instance quick links. The original "shared" design has been updated to allow for different collections of links across pages.

Thank god :) I was using quicks links on my homepage and then wanted to spice up a news page with quick links and totally wondered why my 3 quick links from the homepage apppeared.