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Hey guys!


I am wanting to create a kind of CRM in Sharepoint to record customer information and activity. 


I am aware of the Lists option, however I am wanting somewhere where I can update client information so that if an agent goes to this clients record they can see things that other agents have done (eg. 3/11/2022 - Client rang Agent 01 and asked about this. 05/04/2023 - Client emailed, Agent 02 responded and assisted with that...., etc)


It would also be nice that any email that comes in from this contact can be added to this Client's information. 


So I would like it to include: 

 - Client Information (Name, email, phone number, etc)

 - Client History (phone calls, emails, information provided to the client, etc)

 - Client Emails (connected from Outlook)


NOTE: I am not wanting anything fancy or complex. Just for it to store basic information and history as mentioned. I'd prefer not to have to go to a third-party CRM. 

Hopefully this is doable and someone knows. I am pretty good at figuring things out for myself - just need to be pointed in the right direction and given basic points and I'll be good to go. Thanks !


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@nc1999 I think the best way to do this is to have 2 lists in SharePoint, one for the client details and one for the client history with a column for the client ID. So a sort of one-to-many situation.


Then build an app in Power Apps (which should be one of your M365 apps depending on your licence) where the user can view client details in a form and the history will be displayed in a gallery below it.


There are many good videos on YouTube about getting started with Power Apps by people like Shane Young and Reza Dorrani. One of Reza's videos that shows how to do a similar thing to what your trying to do is at


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