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Hi friends, quick question, In my documents/files in sharepoint teams site, is it possible to create a choice column in my site A and ReUse the same column in my site B ? Do I have to Recreate a site column for each of my new sites ? Big thanks for your answer 

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I think You should try to create Site Columns on the root site. At this moment, I can't tell You if is working - but that's a way how I would try to solve the case.

Hello @Dominic77 


you can use Managed Metadata, it's a central store for tags, so you will create a column on each site, but you can use the same, central, tags:


or you can use the Content Type Hub, this will publish your created column on each site:


Best, Dave

Hello @MantasSe 


site columns are only available on the site, only for the lists on the same site or sub-sites from this site. But when you have different sites, then to use Content Type Hub or an other solution mentioned in your linked post.


Best, Dave

Thanks everyone for your answers.
I also found this based on your recommandations: