Use calculated column to perform calculation on the "Name" column in a SharePoint library

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I am trying to copy the name column in a SharePoint library (1000s files) to another column so that I can then separate the name (by "_") to produce metadata. The file naming convention includes the metadata, separated by a "_"(xxx_aaaaa_fffff_dd_kkkkk.pdf). Does anyone know how this can be achieved

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There are some string functions that can extract parts of a string. If the different sets of characters are the same length, then you could use LEFT and RIGHT functions. Here is a reference guide:

The alternative approach is to use a Power Automate Workflow to split the name into the parts and update the metadata fields.

@ColinFrick The name column can't be used in a calculated column. To achieve what you want to do would require a flow in Power Automate.