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Good afternoon all,


In the Usage reports portal, on the box "Microsoft 365 usage analytics" we are having some problems to visualize the button, "Go to Power BI".

Don't matter the rol the affected user has.

Anyone is experience this issue?




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@Bryan Segura Duche I believe that link just takes you to your Power BI.  From there go to Get Data/Services and search for the App there.  (Remember to copy your tenant id).


Hi @Tanya Denton ,


Thank you for you response. 


Yes, we know that through the link we can acces to Power BI, but the "problem" is that no matter the rol the user has, he is not able to visualize the button, its randomly sometimes we can see the button and others not.

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Hi all,


If you were wondering, it was a bug that was solved by Microsoft.


Thank you