URL links(URL file) in the document library not working in web part

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There are several web parts, but in only one of them, the URL links in the document library won't open on the web part page, or nothing happens. However, if I directly explore the document library, the links open as expected. 


The URL links in the other web parts are working. I checked Edge and Firefox, both didn't work. I can't find the resolution for the issue. 

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Hello @happy2023


which web part do you use? A OOTB or custom?


Best, Dave 

Was there a resolution for this? I've been experiencing the same issue. 

I am having the same issue. When I use the standard Document Library web part and have view style set to Gallery with custom JSON formatting, a cut-off image of a shortcut icon (just the top of a square with an arrow pointing up and to the right) appears at the bottom of each document's card if the document is a URL. Clicking on the URL documents does nothing.
My workaround so far is to set 'hideSelection' to true in the custom JSON. Then a circle appears at the top-right of each tile to indicate whether or not it is selected; double-clicking on the card then opens the link. Other document types like PDFs do not have an icon image on their cards and the links work with no issue regardless of the hideSelection setting.