Urgent Problem: Site members can delete members in the Site member group

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Hey guys,


maybe its a new bug from microsoft or some settings are wrong. But at the moment we have the problem that site members can delete other site members from the permission group? Somebody knows about that?

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Hi @Marcel_Novanta 

Go to "Gear"->"Site Information"->"Site Settings"->"People and groups" and select the "Members" groups.
Now go to "Settings"->"Group Settings"


and make sure that "Who can edit the membership of this group?" is set to "Group Owner"



and that the "Group owner" is the "Owners" group.

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Ye i know this setting but still have the problem... :(
Interesting...... I now get what you mean...

If I go to a SharePoint Site where i am just a member and then open "/_layouts/15/people.aspx?MembershipGroupId=6" then I can edit the members inside of the default members group. Even though I am just a member there.

This does not happen if I try the same with the owners or visitors group. Not even if I create a new group that has "Edit" permissions.

This seems to be some kind of huge bug with the "default" members group in SharePoint.

As a workaround for the time being for "critical" sites i would suggest creating a new custom group with "Edit" permissions and moving the members there.

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