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Is there a way to upload an Excel file to Sharepoint and Power Automate would take that information and send it to the specific people for approvals based on the dollar amount? Also, do not want the data overwritten with a new file. Is this possible? I wasn’t for sure if this would be a Sharepoint question or Power Automate question.


Thank you!

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 Yeah Ofc!

I'll do a step by step and you can try recreating it, and I'll guide you if you get stuck! This way you will learn by doing :smile: 

  1. First you trigger on when a new file is uploaded. Point it to your library
  2. Check if uploaded file is an Excel using Condition
  3. Load the data in the excel
  4. Loop and check the value. If value is over a certain value, send an approval. to that person
  5. Update the excel or create a new one if you like