Upload file with metadata from UI at once

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Hi All,


Is there a way for user to upload file with metadata at once like SP 2010 ? The issue with modern library view is that users upload the file first and then update metadata values which is creating multiple versions for the file ? So it the library has 10 columns, everytime a value is updated in column, SPO is incrementing the version which is an issue from an audit usecase,


Is is possible to upload a file along with metadata which creates only one version of the document in modern view ?


Please guide.




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OOTB this is not possible with the Modern View.

Apart from the impact on auditing by adding a new version you may also need to cater for the increased storage consumption. A new version will consume your storage quota (even changing the document name results in a new version).

There are Apps that address this (examples) and provide the required functionality: add document + set metadata without creating multiple versions.