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We are using a software which is uploading a document from scanner to a sharepoint document library.

But as far as we reached 5000 item limit, that software cannot upload a document anymore.

If we deleted some documents, to free up some space, it is working, but if there are 5000, it is not.


So what is there to do? Is there a problem from us, or we have to contact that software company to ask them about this problem and they solve it ? How can this problem be solved? 



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Hi @testingprofile2345 


you should not have a general problem with more that 5000 items if you upload files to a document library. 

Either some of your columns have settings like "enforce unique values" enabled (that might result in an error on a list with more that 5000 items).
-> I would check that and decide if that setting is necessary

Or the software does more that just upload the file (like setting some metadata afterwards) in a way that is not compatible with more than 5000 items in a list.
-> I would ask the software vendor if they have an idea why this is happening

You could also create a new document library and have the import process upload the files there (Like a drop off library). Then move these files from there to your library using i.e. a power automate flow.  This might even give you the possibility to partition your data into more than one document library later.

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@SvenSieverding Thank you for your answer.


That's what that company software answered us:


This is a SharePoint Online limitation. Once a folder reaches 5000 files, an error similar to the attached image will appear in the Library Settings.
Our SharePoint connector checks the file name when uploading which involves all list items and is therefore restricted. Manual upload directly to the folder is still permitted.
You can refer to the below links for more information
The only workaround currently would be to upload files to a new folder or move existing files from the original folder
When our connector uploads documents to SharePoint, it will check the names of all items in the folder to see if a file with the same name already exists in order to proceed with the upload or fail depending on the settings enabled on the connector. This involves all list items which is not allowed by SharePoint and the upload fails.
Filters and lists do not apply to our connector.
Power automate workflow falls outside the scope of ScannerVision, so I can not comment on why that works but our connector does not.
The only current workaround is to move the files or to reconfigure the connector to point to a new folder.


So.. as I understand, to solve the problem is to move files...