Upgrade old Sharepoint 2019 to the latest CU patch

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I have a task, upgrading a Sharepoint 2019 installation that currently have 16.0.10381.20001 as database version. It's a old CU from dec 2021. My question is, what do you recommend when patching this farm to the latest CU? Something I need to think of? Any risk of "breaking" something? From what I know, it's a totally vanilla installation with no custom config or apps. Thank in advance!

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So I rarely touch Server now a days but the update process I usually go for is that I take the second to latest CU update if the latest one hasn't been out for a while.

I would recommend checking Stefan Goßner blog and looking through the changes from dec 2021 to now to see if you need to do any additional steps.


Something also to checkout is to upgrade to SE edition
Same here! Always taking the second latest. I guess I have to scroll through the last 2 years of updates... Thankfully, this setup is very "vanilla".