Updating data in Sharepoint 2019 on prem List using excel

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Hello, I have a list in SP2019 on prem. I need to update a lot of fields that broke during the SharePoint migration. For example, data in an entire column is messed up. Instead of opening each item in the list and editing (I have hundreds of rows) I am wondering if there is a way to synch the list with excel so I can drag and copy rows that would have the same data. The problem is that the SP site is live and lots of people use it, so I cannot do an export to excel, fix the data and reupload because I would override the changes that are happening in the site while I am working. I can't freeze the site either.

Is there a functionality similar to the way we can open MS Teams files in excel and edit them in excel? I tried creating a channel in Teams and open it in SharePoint but it will not let me because our company's Teams is on the cloud and our SP is on prem... So, any suggestions on how I can edit a lot of data in the SharePoint List easily, without having to open one by one? Thanks!

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