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I need advice on setting up my sharepoint management tool

I have two basic lists. One (list n° 1) where I record customer information (contact details). The other list (list n°2)  allows me to register the equipments. For each of the equipment in the list n° 2  is associated a user retrieved in the list n° 1 (by a search column ).

I have to follow the evolution of the attribution AND update the new users / . To do this, I was considering creating a list 3. This list 3 tracks assignment changes but I would need to use it to override the users informations from the equipment (list 2).

The methodology would therefore be :

  1. create the new user in list 1 if it does not exist,
  2. create a new item in list 3 and select the old user contact there, then the new user contact,
  3. Update the new user in the list 2.


I would like to know if it is possible to do all this directly from list 3 and probably use power automate to

  • check that the client already exists in list 1,
  • if it exists do not create it. If it does not exist create it
  • find the equipment in list 2 and update its user from list 3

Could you please help me on how to achieve this if possible. If not, what could possibly be done to meet my needs?


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