Updating an item in a list causes entire list to not render in sharepoint

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I'm building a react part for a sharepoint site and upon updating a column in the list with a new value, the entire list stops rendering in sharepoint. I've remade the new list from scratch and cloned from the old list a few times and tried updating different fields with different values, but the result is the same. It doesn't seem like the list is actually removed, since I can work with it normally otherwise. Still, this seems like a bug on sharepoint's end.

Updating with PnPjs like this in my react part:



  updateLikedBy = async (itemId: number, likes: number, likedByArray: string[]) => {
    const update = await this._sp.web.lists
      .getByTitle('Taylor Kwitter 2')
        // 'LikedBy': 'pork',
        'Likes': likes
    console.log("Here's the update", update)



And getting this:
borked list.png

Should be on latest version of sharepoint online. Any ideas?
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