Update UserProfile properties for other user using powerautomate

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Hi Team,


i am trying to update the profile properties for other users using the Rest API (/_api/SP.UserProfiles.PeopleManager/SetSingleValueProfileProperty) using HTTP it is throwing the below error


This operation requires you to be managing your own data or have administrator privileges


Please do needful



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My suggestion would be to use Power Automate to call an Azure Automation Runbook. The Runbook should be using a registered enterprise application to authenticate to MS Graph and be given app-based permission to perform the action.

The runbook could be created using PowerShell and the MS Graph module. In that way, you could manage the users Entra ID properties in a secure way. However, please note that some details are missing in this explanation, such as Azure Key Vault, Webhook and certificate.

An alternative solution, but not as recommended: Create a service account with the user administrator permission. Create the Power Automate solution with that account. That should do the trick for a short-term solution (Proof of concept).