Update to forms in Modern Lists, including custom forms with PowerApps - coming soon!


We are excited to tell you that we are updating how forms in SharePoint modern lists and libraries are displayed, and you will also soon be able to create custom forms using Microsoft PowerApps for SharePoint lists.


We used to navigate to a new page whenever the new, edit or view form was displayed for a modern list. We are moving these forms into a panel that appears on the right hand side of the page (left hand side for right to left languages). This change makes for a much quicker experience for adding new items, as well as viewing and changing existing items in your list. You can still get a link to an item (or the new item form) by using the "Copy link" button that's been added to the panel.


Forms Panel for Modern ListsForms Panel for Modern Lists


The updates to panels will be coming to all of the First Release users and tenants within the next two weeks.


We are also very happy to announce that the ability to customize forms for modern lists using PowerApps will be coming to our First Release tenants. This capability was announced at Ignite 2017 and was mentioned in an earlier blog post around reinventing business processes. Please see that blog post for more details.


Differently from the panels, custom forms with PowerApps will be available for First Release tenants (not users), since once a custom form is set for a list, it will take effect for all users in that tenant that use that list.



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Thanks for the update great new features coming!

Great news. Thanks for differentiating the tenancy type rollouts.
Will adding document attachments to custom Powerapps forms be included in the release?

Hi @Pär Åberg, the initial release will have attachments show up as read-only. We are actively working on making those read-write by end of the year!

I'm probably just impatient, but I still cannot see this experience on either my main tenant or dev tenant. Has the two week window slipped or am I missing something? What is the expected delivery of this new feature?

Hi @Andrew Foster, yes, we are slightly delayed due to some deployment bumps. We are hoping to start to turn this on for First Release tenants on October 30.

An update here. We discovered a late breaking issue that is blocking the release. We are investigating, and will update this thread with an updated estimate for when this will become available in First Release. Apologies for this delay.

I have been waiting for this since Ignite. Are we able to get updates from the Message center some how? I can't seem to find it.


Will this update affect people filling out form that do not have a PowerApps license?

Edit: it also applies to Libraries in our tenant.


Maybe the glitch is that the Lists are now broken, no top bar, no edit bar, no way to edit the list. This just started yesterday in my tenant across all Sites. Still waiting for my call back from Support.


Any update on when this is coming to first release customers?


Hi Kerem,


Any update on the release date for the Customize Forms feature using PowerApps




Hi everyone, this will start rolling to First Release tenants week of November 13. We are sorry about the delay while we ironed out some of those late breaking bugs.

This is great news! I can't wait to try it out. :)

Hi Kerem,


Do see the powerapps form customize option in my tenant

Works great in the web browser


But when viewing the list item on the SharePoint mobile app - it continues to use the default list form

Is there a setting for the same or this is the intended behavior




Hi @Reza Dorrani, thank you for noticing. We are at 50% of First Release tenants at the moment, and we will get to 100% of First Release tenants tomorrow.


Unfortunately the SharePoint mobile app does not yet support custom forms. This is something we are working on, and hope to make it available in a later release.

This is now on for all of First Release tenants!

Awesome !!!

when will this feature be generally available?

We will be monitoring usage and our telemetry, and we hope to start rolling into the rest of the tenants in late November to early December. 



Also see this post from the PowerApps blog announcing the feature.