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I have a Sharepoint list. It has a number column named "total number of points". It only consist of one row with the number 10. I use this list for my power app. My employees can see their current number of points and redeem points in this power app. But every month they receive +1 point. I want to update my Sharepoint list column named "total number of points" every month with +1 so that it also automatically updates in my power app. 


For example: in April everyone has 10 points. I want to automatically add +1 point on May 1 so that the total number of points changes tot 11. On June 1, the number of points will then change to 12 and so on. 


I have a flow with a reccurance trigger set on every month. Then there is an action with Sharepoint with update item. I just don't know which formula to use so that it adds +1 to "total number of points". 


I hope someone can help me. If you need more information please let me know. 

(English is not my native language. Sorry for the spelling mistakes!) 




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@KaySmo so if your SharePoint list initially looks like this:0-SP-list.png


Your flow will be this:








and the result will be this:




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