Update 'properties' of files saved in a SharePoint site

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Hi there,

Am looking for some help to help automate a control in SharePoint. Any advice would be greatly received!

Our department have a SharePoint site which contains lots of data inputs used for modelling (mainly Excel files). 

In the SharePoint site, we have added an option so that each data input can be locked by going to 'Properties' and choosing the option to lock the file. This triggers a workflow which then makes the file read only and stops users from being able to edit the file.



We receive a list of files on a Quarterly basis from the Modelling team which tells us which file names need to be locked. At the moment, the only way we are aware of to action this is to manually lock each file individually. 

Is anyone aware of a way that we can get SharePoint to read the list of files names to be locked and automatically lock them? Or if not, is there a way to do this in bulk?

Thanks in advance :) 


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