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Hi all, I have been in the process of building our company's intranet. I started developing on our root site but right now it's blank and not being used. The Production site is using the /sites/ extension URL:


Original "test" site: 
New live site:



I want to point the original URL to my Production ready "live" site, of course without ruining all my progress made on The end goal being what I have ready on can be accessed from URL


How can this be accomplished?


Thank you in advance,


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Hello, looks like you want to replace the root site
take a look at
take into account all redirect considerations and limitations...

Hi @Andres Gorzelany - thank you for your reply. I read through those articles but have a few follow-up questions - hoping you can help. I am terribly afraid of losing all my content and design aspects. I have had to rebuild twice already since starting...


How my URL's are today -

Current Production ready site:



When I make the Production ready site (on the right) the new Root site, will it's URL change to www.xxxxprop/ Will it keep the design aspects and content, etc. you see below? 



What I would do in this case is to first test with a dummy site so you can be sure of the impact

for example


so you can evaluate the change.

Hi @Andres Gorzelany - is there a way I can simply add my own redirect? i.e., manually point to ?

After some testing, I was confident in replacing my root site with my production ready site. It brought over all the content, themes, etc as expected. We're good! Thanks.
Happy to hear!