Update a choice column after 6 months

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I'm trying to build more automations into our lists and i'm stuck at the moment.



We have a list where we track how many have gotten access to our tools. This is tracked with the Submission (date column) and the Tool Access Status (Choice) - where we have Granted, Revoked, Review.


What we want is to be able to have a flow for spotting accesses to review, so per automation, we want it to run monthly and to change everyone that is 6 months old from their submission date from granted to review. Is that possible and how?


I'm using Recurrence, get items but get stuck on the compose, not sure how to best set that up?

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@Torbjorn_Andersson what do you mean by user have got access? Is it that they have changed something or have uploaded someting? There's no way to get the details if they have just viewed something.


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Hey @RobElliott

So our users don't interact with our list, it's pretty much me who changes the entries. They submit a form letting me know that they are starting and what date they do so.

From that i change the column called "Tool Access Status" where i can keep track of who i've granted access to our tools for.

I need to review that they still need access every 6th month and these i manually change to "Review". This i do by checking the date column for when they submitted their form and if it's 6+ months i do the change before i start the process of revoking access to people thus changing the column again to "revoked".

So that's what i want to automate, so that every month or so the flow goes through my list and everyone with a submit date that is 6 months or older -> change them to review.

I hope that clarified my case a bit.

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Did you get an answer for how to do this? I'm trying to the same thing with my list - reset a column to "Needs Review" choice every month.