Unprotect Excel through SharePoint

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I have uploaded an Excel Spreadsheet to SharePoint - this has protected cells.


We need to update the locked cells from time-to-time.  How can we unlock the cells while working in SharePoint without having to do this offline and then re-loading the document to SharePoint again?

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Same issue here. Actually needs this function on Microsoft SharePoint. If Microsoft added this function, it is great. Is it depend on the paid office 365 package?



We are facing this same issue in my organization.  There needs to be a way to unprotect Excel worksheets from the web browser in Excel in SharePoint.  Not all users have the ability (nor should they have to) open in the desktop app.

Agreed, Thought this would surely be implemented by now

Right click on file name > Open > Open in App. It will pop the workbook file out of Sharepoint so you can use it as you normally would, and you don't have to go through the song and dance of downloading and re-uploading it just to work on it.