Unique permissions - Site Owners do not have permission to certain People and Group

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I've seen a few posts about unique permissions being a bad thing.  

I have a scenario where the Site owners are getting an error message that they do not have permissions to view members or have the 'New' option to add users.

Is it best to Delete unique permissions as I'm not sure who or why they have been set.

Or do I need to add the owners group into each every Folder / Document where they are appearing

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Hello @Chris_Clark1968.


There is not a "one fit for all" rule for using unique permissions in SharePoint: they're often not recommended due to the fact they create additional management complexity and load for the system, but there can be some situation where they granting unique permissions could be the best (or the only) solution to fulfill business requirements.
I've seen some scenarios where site's owners were not allowed to access a SharePoint site due to the fact they were removed after breaking the permissions' inheritance.