Understanding this usage metric - Total Sharepoint storage?

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Hello, I am trying to identify the storage limit of my sharepoint websites.
According to the following, it looks as if I have 2 tb:





and this is somewhat true because when my storage usage was closing on 2tb, I kept getting errors.
The previous image is pulled from: Sharepoint Admin Center -> Sites -> Active Sites

But in the following page: <My Sharepoint Site Settings> -> Storage Metrics:



it indicates that I have 25,6 tb of storage.
Can someone please explain to me what the second image is referring to?

I have a feeling that the second storage figure might be the total possible storage used incluing the history versions of the files,
Please let me know if you need more details to understand where I got any of these images from ,


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First image is related to the tenant storage. Apparently you are almost out of space because you might have different SPO sites using the storage available. Second image just reflect that in a SPO site you can store up to 25 TB if available in the tenant (not your case)