Unable to view the version for the files & total number of items for a user's OneDrive's files lib

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We have a user who left the company, and i want to move all his files inside his OneDrive site (private and shared) to a sharepoint document library.


Using the Office 365 admin (who can view the user's private files) >> i have selected all the user's OneDrive main folders >> click on "Copy To" >> select the destination sharepoint document library. and the process started.


but as part of verifying if everything will be copied correctly, i am not sure how i can view these info inside the user's OneDrive's Files lib:-


1. i am unable to view the total number of items inside the user's OneDrive's Files library. i tried to get this info inside the classic and modern UI but without any result. for example inside sharepoint site >> you can click on site content and get the total number of items inside any list/library. but how i can do this for the user's OneDrive site's Files library?


2. i am not sure if using the "Copy To" option (to copy files from OneDrive to sharepoint) will also copy all the files versions or not. to verify this i need to modify the user's onedrive's Files library view to show the version, so is this possible?



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1. Have You tried to use this PowerShell cmdlet?

2. "Copy to" to will only copy the latest version. If You want all versions You will have to use "Move to". See more about that here: "Move or copy files in SharePoint".


"When you use Copy to with documents that have version history, only the latest version is copied. To copy earlier versions, you need to restore and copy each one."