Unable to upload via drag & drop

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Hi all, 

I'm under SharePoint 2016 On-Premise. On my library, when I try to drag & drop a document to a library, it's not working, I can't see the "Drop here" label : 



If I create a page, and add the library component, it's working !


What is the difference ? Thanks for your help, 



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Hello @SteveRoh 


not sure but i think in the first printscreen you have a grouped view, in the webpart it is a flat view.


Regards, Dave

Hi @David Mehr 

Thanks for your answer !


Unfortunately the grouped view doesn't matter.


I just tried a new test : I created a simple library. When I try to drag an drop a document on the Allitems.aspx standard view, it doesn't work. If I create a webpart component page, I had the web part "test library", and for this page, I'm able to drag & drop document... any idea ?




Hello @SteveRoh 


hmm, not really :) . Have you check it with different browsers? Have you customization or solutions/code/workflows activ in the site?


Regards, Dave

in addition to the view "grouping" settings (which shouldnt matter), check the "style setting" and ensure they are default.... some of the legacy 2010 styles if applied break 2013+ JS based features
Thanks for your answer, the style is default.
I just did a test again on a SharePoint 2016 website : create library --> no drag & drop possible on the "All documents" view. I add a webparts page and add the library component with the "All documents" view --> Drag & drop is working...
Is there a difference between the webpage for the view and the webparts webpage ?
Yes, same problem with others browsers

The funiest is with a migrated sharepoint website (from SharePoint 2010), it's working perfectly. On a new SharePoint2016 website, there are problems...

Hello @SteveRoh 


i have tested the drag & drop upload in a document library on-prem SP2016 - it works fine. Looks like an local issue. You need to test it on an other environment (test or integration) into your company.


Regards, Dave

Do you have any custom branding applied to the site? I've had a similar issue when a theme app was added to the site even though it wasn't active. Also, any difference if you switch between modern or classic (List settings > Advanced).
Hi David,
You are right, on my preprod-environment, it's working ! Now what feature/config could generate this bug ? I will try to compare the general settings...
Thanks & regards,

Hello @SteveRoh 

nice to hear. As other mention in this post, eliminate all customizing things like scripts, solutions… And check your browser security settings.


Regards Dave