Unable to translate custom columns in a modern site

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Hi all, and thanks in advance for your time.

I've been trying to translate the name of some custom columns in any modern site of my tenant and it doesn't work at all.
- First, I have enabled all the languages available in site settings/language settings. 
And then, changing my user language, I tried to translate a created custom column following this steps, as Microsoft Documentation states:
"After you turn on alternate languages for your site, you can create new lists or libraries in one language, then display the site in a different language, and modify the list or library name for that language. The same process works for list and library columns, and for navigation links."


This steps works fine with navigation links and lists and doc library names, but It doesn't work at all with custom columns for me in modern sites, only in classic sites.


Am I missing something? Is there any work around?

My goal is to create a modern team site in which the site columns display names in any list or doc library can be displayed in english for english users, and spanish for spanish users (depending on their user language). 
I know it is supported as this is exactly what happens with all system columns, like "title" or "created by". This columns names are shown translated depending on the user language, but the issue is that is it possible to replicate this behaviour with custom columns in a modern experience site?

Hope someone can help!


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