Unable to show Title column in SharePoint Library

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For each file uploaded to a SharePoint Document library (not a list!) that I have created/uploaded I can add a "Title" - however, I am unable to make it show as a column in my library's folders. 


It does not appear in the show/hide columns within the library although I can see it in the column list when I open the Library settings. "Name" column is available to show/hide, but not the "Title" one.


Is this some sort of bug or is there a workaround on how I can showcase the "Title" column within my library?


The issue is that I would like to have numeric ID + title in the file "Name", but it would good to showcase only the "Title" (without numeric ID) in SP for better oversight.


As an example, the file "Name" would be ABC_Best Document.docx, but I would like to have a column in SP for the file showing the "Title" as only "Best Document".


I could of course create another column as "Title" manually, but that would not be the same field then as it is in the Word/Excel info.

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Hi @triinest To show the Title column in a SharePoint library: 1- Enable management of content types in library settings. 2- Modify the view and add the Title column to the display. This should make the Title column visible in the library.

@Lalit Mohan can you explain it in more detail, how to show that title column within the SharePoint document library? Because, I couldn't make it visible with the existing information you gave. Thanks for the help!


He's giving you a ChatGPT response without checking if it's correct :xd:


So what you need to do is to go into the Classic edit view menu:


1. Click on All documents or what your view is called (Borrowed image)



2. Here you should get a dropdown, press Edit current view


3.  Select Title in the checkbox and save



Now Title should show up :) 


@NicolasKheirallah thank you very much for the clear response :)

Yes, thanks!