Unable to see all of table in text web part on mobile

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Hi! I’m using SharePoint as a hub for our summer music camp staff and have a page with various dress rehearsal and concert schedules. I’ve used text web parts with tables within to display the information. Creating Lists for this would be MAJOR overkill and there isn’t really a way to do this without some kind of table.
On mobile, whether the app or browser, I’m unable to view the whole column. The page won’t allow horizontal scrolling and zooming out still cuts off what wasn’t visible before. I’ve attached a video that shows what happens. 
There is a text web part table on the home page that DOES allow horizontal scrolling so I don’t know what’s different. I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you!

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@cmspeed If scrollbar is working for home page, can you try creating a new page using copy of home page? Then add the table to this copied page & see if scrolling works on this page.


Follow this article for creating a new page based on home page: SharePoint Online: Create a blank page without header & title 

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@ganeshsanap Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and still had the same problem. As a stopgap, I just made a PDF of the information and posted that on the page but would love to get this solved for future use. Sounds like this isn't actually a common issue.

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Tables in text web parts are not responsive. If you think going for a list is overkill, you can create a table in a word or excel and grab a screen shot and display it on home page. This is not a solution but a simple work around. I've had issues with table formatting and alignment with in text web part, so I just try to avoid adding tables on SP pages.
Not the answer I hoped, but the answer I suspected. I don't know why scrolling doesn't work, though. Oh, well. Thanks!