Unable to read webpart content in sharepoint modern page using "Get-PnPClientSideCompont"

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Hi All,

I want to read the content of the modern client side webparts using the pnp powershell.I am able to get some of the properties related to the webparts however the data is blank for properties "JsonWebpartData" and "WebpartData".

Is there any other option to get the content of the webpart in JSON or xml?


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Can you provide more information? Are you doing this on the home page of a site? Is this is a new page with Web Parts on it? What kind of Web part are you getting information from?


I want to check if any links or hyperlinks are used in the modern webparts. I want to run it for all the pages in a particular SharePoint site.I am not able to get the the contents of the modernwebpart in the modern pages using the powershell PNP commands.