Unable to open task item in new experience *_000

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I have a standard SharePoint task list. While in the classic experience I do not have an issue opening a task item from the linked Task name column, however when in Modern mode, the site tries to download a file that has a number then _.000 e.g. 7_.000 and the item doesn't open. If I click on the ... and select the item and then select edit, it opens correctly. 

If I right click on the item task title and copy link it shows correctly: https://*********sharepoint.com/Lists/Main%20Task%20List/DispForm.aspx?ID=15&e=ioY4kF


and if I paste into another address bar it navigates to the view item as expected...

Any ideas please?


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I also am having the same problem. 

You are not alone.  Same problem with my tenant and I was hoping there was a solution or reason out there.

Same issue here. Would love a comment from someone at Microsoft.

Same issue here, no issue in Classic UI, but in new experience double-clicking the item or clicking the link to edit item prompts to download a .000 file

I have posted an issue on Github: https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-docs/issues/2072


Maybe others experiencing the issue can comment on the above issue just to add some more weight to it?


Otherwise if you are able, you can log a support ticket on your tenant. Let's make a noise about this issue so that we can get it resolved quickly.

I cannot reproduce the issue when creating a new list manually, however it happened to me again today after exporting an Excel table to a SharePoint list. Is it perhaps because of the missing "Title" column in lists created by exporting Excel tables?

I had raised a call with an MS Support Engineer from "EMEA SharePoint Online Customer Services and Support".  I was able to demonstrate the problem experienced and have subsequently been advised that modern lists are unsupported for the task list view.  The alternative is to run the task list as classic.  They advised that the best way to apply pressure to fixing/adopting modern view with a task list was via User Voice which I understand is now logged below and has 51 votes as of 3/7/18. 




I quote:

"From what I can verify this these task lists are not supported in modern view.
When you create these task lists it is already prompted to Classic view. To keep using the list it is recommended that you keep using classic view.

The user voice is the best way to go since on my end I cannot apply extra pressure. The more votes the user voice gets the more visibility it will get. Although at the moment the Product Team informed me that it is a not supported situation."

My affected lists are not task lists, they are just custom lists, but created by exporting an Excel table to a SharePoint list. Is it the case then that such lists are no longer supported in modern UI, either?

I've asked my support guy the question - if he replies - I will keep you posted.
Sorry Beat. I tried. The support tech recommends that you log a call with MS as the environment will be different, tasks setup is different etc and have them investigate this seperately. My understanding though is that lists are not supported in modern view and whilst there might be some 3rd party apps out there that do and community efforts to develop something that might work, the out of the box experience does not. All we can do is keep pushing it on User Voice to get MS to listen.

Any news in this issue ?

Hi all, I had the same problem crop up, seemingly after downloading a custom list to Excel. 

I thought I solved it by changing the Advanced Settings for Dialogs, but then it didn't work reliably.  Messed with it more and have more specifics:

The first 30 rows of my list work fine (also corresponds to the first page of quick edit view) where if I click on the linked first column, the dialog edit pops up.

All the rows beyond the first 30 download a .000 file when the row is clicked.


Anyone have a fix?  


I just started having this problem today in a Custom list modern experience that was working fine up until today. It only happens after the first 30 items in the view as described by others.  The user can select the item and the click edit on the menu, but it is bad for user to have an option that doesn't work.  I too would appreciate ideas!

I have the same problem.


My list has more than 30 items. 


Let's say the last item on my list is 'Zebra'. When sorted A - Z, I can't open it.


But when I change the sort from Z - A, making Zebra the first item on my list, it opens just fine.


Also, If I just select the item by NOT clicking the title in the first field, it opens just fine.

Sounds like some kind of paging issue to me.


Edit: I made my list manually, and entered my data manually.

I am opening a ticket with Microsoft and will let you know what a solution ends up being.  I have seen that this is a known issue with Task lists, but I have a custom list and it used to work fine until yesterday.



My problem seems to disappear for short periods, only to reappear.


When searching for an item by name, I seem to be able to edit it at all times.


Please post the ticket number. I'm trying to raise the issue thru my Organisation (I think we some connections to Microsoft).


Ticket #13194332

I was having this issue with one list. I went to List Settings > Advanced Settings > Dialogs and disabled launch forms in a dialog and it resolved the issue.