Unable to open Excel workbooks in Excel from SharePoint

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Hi everyone


I am having several issues with opening Excel files:


  1. Can open Excel in Browser, but when selecting 'Open in Excel', I get the message 'an unexpected error occurs', OR the workbook is blank when it opens in Excel.
  2. When clicking on the name of the workbook, it opens as Read Only in the Browser, and I have to then select the option to Edit in Browser - when I do that, it then asks me to Save a Copy and it creates a copy of the file with 'editable' at the end of the file name - this is not ideal! We have loads of spreadsheets shared across many teams!
  3. A colleague has hidden some columns, but when she goes back into the file, they appear again!

I would be so grateful for any help!


Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @Margaret Dullaghan 


From what I experienced before, the file permissions on SharePoint was read only so you won't be able to edit the file unless you download the file and edit it on your own local Hard Drive. Online file permissions won't allow you to edit the file as if you make changes it will affect the online file on sharepount. Contact the filder owner and ask them to check your permission on the share point for any specific file.


Thank you




@Deleted, thanks for your reply.  All users have got edit access, not read only.  I am the site collection administrator and even I am getting the same issue!

Please let know if the spreadsheet has any formula/macros? Also, which version of office is installed on your computer?

@Nitesh Ranjan Thanks for your reply.


There are a lot of documents and I have just tried opening a Word document and it is doing exactly the same, I am getting the same error message.


Also, in some of the spreadsheets there are formulas but no macros. Some spreadsheets have neither!