Unable to open attachments from a list

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I have multiple lists that are used for storing invoices (I have Flow created for approval). Last several days I am unable to open any of the attachments in Chrome. I could open them in Edge, though. Anyone else having same issue? I have been googling for two days now, but I couldn't find any solution. 


Also I have noticed that I don't have search field when I open any of the lists anymore. What is up with that?


I am working in Sharepoint 2013 Online, Modern view.

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@MinkaB I wanted to understand the issue. So when you are clicking below highlighted part in chrome the attachment is not opening.



If your answer is Yes, can you ensure other people in your organisation are showing similar behavior.

If other people are not showing the similar behavior it might be due to some issue with your chrome app and an upgrade/update might address the issue.


Hopefully this helps, let us know if you still face further issue.







Thanks for your reply and interest. Yes, when we click on that part the attachment is not opening. I do have a form there, created in Power Apps, but it was working normally until several days ago.


And I have same behaviour throughout entire organization.



@MinkaB were you able to find solution for this?- currently, this behavior is also happening whenever I am opening the attachments in the Sharepoint List items. thanks