Unable to move folders

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Hi. I have suddenly found that I am unable to move or copy a folder to another team member. There is no Move option, although there is a Copy option but a message in red pops up saying " You do not have access .."


When I click on Manage Access against the file, it does list me as having Direct Access to the file.


Can anyone explain what has caused this? Or how I can resolve it?


Thank you



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@Colleen123  if you have direct access to the file might be you don't have access to the other location where you are moving to.


besides I would go to the Advance setting all the way down on the same location where you see your direct access and see what access you have on the Advanced tab, and is its inherit access to unique to that folder only,.

@PDostiyar Thank you for your reply. I don't have an advanced setting where you have suggested. Do you have any other ideas?

@Colleen123so when you don't have an advance tab here is two possibilities,


1 - you are not the owner/admin for that Sharepoint/Teams site and you only have direct access to that specific folder


2 - this could be private channel's team's sites also called child site for a parent team that doesn't have the advanced function but there is a workaround for it...

I have just experienced this too. This seems to be something that has changed recently. It looks like you cannot move a folder any more within Teams even if you are the Team Owner. You can. however, still move the folder within Sharepoint - so if you click on Open in Sharepoint, login and select the folder the move option is available.

@SeanDonovan was there any resolution to not being able to move files, some of my contacts can move files and some of them cannot, it seems very random and can't figure out why it's happening as well.

I'm currently experiencing this problem Is there a resolution?

A collaborator from another company shared a onedrive folder with me via email as a link. I can get in and upload files, but I can't rename my files or move them into new folders once they are in there. Help?