Unable to Embed in Sharepoint site

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I am trying to embed an item in my teams Sharepoint site however, when I try to add the Embed web part to the site it's populating an error that says:

Something went wrong

If the problem persists, contact the site administrator and give them the information in Technical Details.

Cannot find manifest for 8217e442-8ed3-41fd-957d-b112e841286a_0.25.25. Store had [0.25.18]. Service worker version: odsp-web-prod_2022-08-26.001

Originally I was thinking maybe I needed to enable that function, but upon researching it appears that the error is different if that's the case.  Is this something I can fix?  Or will I need to reach out to Microsoft support to resolve?
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UPDATE: Apparently I can't even embed Stream videos or Youtube videos either, so I'm thinking it's definitely not an issue with permissions.

@jchapman81 Which URL are you trying to embed to SharePoint site?


  1. Try adding host URL to HTML Field Security setting in site settings - Allow or restrict the ability to embed content on SharePoint pages 
  2. If above does not work, raise support ticket with Microsoft - get-help-support 

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