Unable to edit a people column in sharepoint lists

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I have a SharePoint list with 3 people/group columns. For each column I need to restrict the people that can be selected for this item. When I allow the column content to be any user I am able to fill out the list just fine but when I set the list of users to a specific list I am unable to add anyone to these columns or edit people in these columns. This issue has been persistent with both the default form for the list and a custom form for the list. 


When I have the list settings as in the below image I am unable to fill out the aforementioned columns. Any assistance would be greatly apricated in this matter. 




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Are the users added to the SharePoint group directly or do you have groups within groups? Are you unable to edit the field at all or are there just no users to select from?
The users are added to the SharePoint site directly and the group selected is the al members groups. There are other permission groups set up within the SharePoint group but they are not selected.

When I use the default form to fill out the list no options come up and when I add a custom form that calls for the dropdown options from the group members they will come up but when I select any users I am unable to add them to the column. Additionally I am unable to add people to this column or edit the column when using grid view.