Unable to debug our Remote Event Receiver using Azure service bus.. is this appraoch retired

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Since i have been developing Remote Event Receivers for sharepoint online (mainly to cover "itemadded, itemadding, itemupdating, itemupdated, itemdeleted" events), I have been following this official documentation Attaching Remote Event Receivers to Lists in the Host Web, mainly by doing these 2 tasks:-

1. create a provider hosted app inside Visual studio >> deploy it under azure web app.

2. for debugging the RER >> create a service bus >> add the endpoint to our VS project.


but i tried this appraoch last week and i got the following error inside VS, when i try to run the VS project:-


One or more services were unregistered from the Microsoft Azure Service Bus. Cannot register Services/AppEventReceiver.svc on Microsoft Azure Service Bus: Unable to connect to the remote server


now i read more about what have been changed about this, as about 6 months ago this appraoch was working well, and i read this https://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/248365/how-to-debug-remote-event-receiver-for-sharepo... , where one of the replies mentioned that using azure service bus will not work anymore, which can explain the errors i got when i tried to debug/run my RER project inside VS.

so my question is, how i can debug my RER in this case? and are the whole steps for create/deploy/debug the RER which are mentioned in this link Attaching Remote Event Receivers to Lists in the Host Web will no more work ? or it is just the debug approach of using azure service bus?

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Did you get any news regarding retirement of service bus. I have the same problem too.


Many thanks.