Unable to create sites in on premise 2019 farm


I have a 2019 farm with a few site collections. I noticed a few weeks ago I was no longer able to create new site collections. I got the error msg, Sorry, something went wrong. I zipped up the logs and sent them to Microsoft. Three weeks later we still have no solution. Let me give the clues we do know.

  1.  If I create a new content database I can create sites in that database, but here's the kicker. I can only create sites in the new database for just a short while(we have not determined how long exactly)
  2. We decided to update the farm with the latest CU. Once the update was finished I could again create sites in the farm.... For a short period of time.
  3. Each time I attempt to create a site collection that fails I get the following errors in the Windows Server Application logs:
    1. 6141.png5586.png
  4. The content database all check out and seem to be fine. In fact, I can move existing site collections to other existing content databases with out issue.
  5. existing site collections can create subsites without issues.

If you've seen this issue I would appreciate guidance.

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In the end Microsoft was unable to resolve this issue. Since this was a new farm with just a handful of test and sandbox sites I then deleted all site collections, content databases and web applications and started anew. The issue is resolved, I do wish I knew what the actual cause was.