Unable to create personal lists under "My Lists", even as a global admin

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I manage an organization's M365 tenant and they aren't able to create personal lists under "My Lists" via the Lists app. They request for access but I don't get the approval email. Nor does it show up under "Pending Access Requests" in SharePoint.


I enabled the creation of personal lists via Powershell as per the reference here , but they still don't have access. Surprisingly, as a global admin, even I don't have access to create personal lists myself. I have to request for access and the access request email comes to me. I approve. But it still blocks me from creating. There is no one else above me.


Myself and my users can't create blank lists nor lists from a template.

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@chintan_patel Did you try the PowerShell command like below?


Set-SPOTenant -DisablePersonalListCreation $false


 Which M365 subscription are you using?

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Hi ganeshsanap.

In my original message above, I indicated that I had followed the Microsoft reference which includes this Powershell command. The Powershell command doesn't change anything.

I am using Microsoft Office 365 E3