Unable to create custom filters through admin center in custom search vertical

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Hi All,


Earlier I created a custom vertical with custom filters through the admin center, and it worked well. However, after a few days, site-level verticals were not showing "something went wrong retrieving vertical. please try again." I have deleted the custom vertical from the admin center to see the impact, but still, verticals are not showing at the site level.  So now, when I want to implement the custom vertical through the admin center again, so admin center is not allowing/ showing me to add filters in the custom search vertical.


Seeking a solution to implement the vertical from the admin center and view site-level verticals. 


First picture: Admin Center- not showing/allowing to implement filters





Second picture: Site level vertical unable to retrieve due to some error.


Site Level Vertical.jpeg



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I am having exact same issue in our tenant as well.