Unable to create a new document from a content type

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Hi, from a SharePoint document library where I have attached content types, when I try to create a new document from the library "New" menu and select the content type, it throws a windows error message saying : Sorry, We could not perform this action because Office do not recognize this command.

Never had this problem before. It occurs in all my libraries where I have content types. I tried on another computer and same issue (tested on chrome and edge chromium)


Update: This occurs when the library open by default in client application.


Only thing that change recently is that I have enable the organizational assets to store Office document template but not sure it is related.


Anyone having this issue?



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@Martin Coupal - we're experiencing the same issue.  Thought it was a change to our environment, but seems to be a MSFT change.

Yes, it looks to be Microsoft. I've ask one of my customer to test and they have the same issue. It occurs when the library default is to open in client application. I'll submit a ticket.

We'll do the same.  We found that IE11 + Classic Experience works as expected, but something caused this to break.

@jefmeyer , I spent 1.5 hours with support to confirm the issue.. They will call me back tomorrow. Hope it will not take another 1.5 hours :) 

@Martin Coupal - received confirmation that the issue has been resolved in our tenant.  Hopefully the same for you.   Take care!

@jefmeyer , so here is the outcome:



1) Problem with file handler protocol: The "Sorry, we could not perform this action because Office do not recognize this command" was caused by a problem with the file handler protocol when creating a new document based on a content type from the "New" library menu. Microsoft applied a patch and this morning, the Office applications were starting but Word still had an issue described below.


2) Word SharePoint properties panel issue: When you create a new document from a content type that has metadata that are not related to the default Office properties (like title, comments, author etc.), the SharePoint Properties right panel will open automatically. However there is a bug that makes word crash when you open the panel.... Office backend support do not manage this type of issues so I've submited a comments from the Word application but I have no clue if it will be addressed...


What a waste of time and money... There seems to be 0 testing of what they throw out to their customers.... Microsoft customers are now the testers... 

@Martin Coupal Today a Office update resolved the issue for me.