Unable to Copy and Paste the Data in SharePoint Lists and Also Date format is wrong

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Hi Team,

We have a requirement to move the data from Excel (Approx 1500 rows) to Lists. So I choose option: "create a list from Excel" and then it asks to check the Column datatype, we have a one column having date field in Excel, but in Lists, it was coming as single line of text, rather than Date and there was no option in dropdown to choose Date, so "Do not Import" it and proceed.

Than once import is completed, I chose New Column as Date type and here is the issue coming, I copy the data from Excel, select the whole row of Date column and Paste it, but somehow it is pasting only half the data, I did try few times but no luck.

Also how can we make the custom format for my Date like [YYYY.MM.DD].

Kindly help..

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