Unable to change Search Placeholdertext in SharePoint Online

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Hello Community,

I'm trying to change the default text "Search in Sharepoint" to a different text in SP Online Search box. I'm using PnP script to perform the task but the command doesn't work in my tenant. Any idea?


Example: Set-PnPSearchSettings -SearchBoxPlaceholderText "Search in Portal"

Error: Set-PnPSearchSettings : A parameter cannot be found that matches parameter name 'SearchBoxPlaceholderText'.


Please advice!

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Per the documentation of the cmdlet, the parameter is there but it's not properly document so I suspect that it might be not operational and that's the reason you are having that error

Hi @Juan Carlos González Martín , Probably that might be the reason. I tried other parameters for SPSearchSettings which are working fine. Hope it's operational soon. 

@bgrede I can use  Set-PnPSearchSettings -SearchBoxPlaceholderText "Search in Portal" cmdlet without any problem.


Also, it is working as expected, see output below:


Solution: I think you are using an old version of PnP PowerShell. Update PnP PowerShell modules as given in below documentations & then try above command:

  1. Installing PnP PowerShell 

You can find the detailed steps at: SharePoint Online: How to change the placeholder text in the search box

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Yup. You're right. I was running a legacy version of PnP Powershell. I was able to execute the command after updating. Thank you!

@bgrede Great, glad it worked for you. Please Mark as Best Response on my above post so that it will help others in future to find the correct answer easily. Thank you!