Unable To Change Link In Edit Navigation For Internal Link

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Hi Guru.


I used to edit my Navigation Menu in Homepage by clicking 'Edit' > '...', which allows me to edit the link address.

However, few weeks ago, I found that it is not able to edit any Navigation item with 'Internal Link' anymore, system just allow me to edit item with External Link..


Would there any way can fix this issue? Thanks.


Here is the screenshot for reference:

1. Edit with 'Internal Link' item: (Option and Address field are dimmed)


2. Edit with 'External Link' item (All field are editable)



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I was getting same issue but now I am able to edit it. Seems a product issue and has been resolved. Please try now. @gn00588950 

@gn00588950 Seems like this issue is resolved now. I am able to edit all (internal and external) navigation links now.


If you are still facing this issue, I will recommend you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft. Follow Microsoft official documentation: Get Office 365 support - online support 

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